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NAMI’s Ask the Expert Webinar: A Look Inside Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Event Date & Time: Thursday 24 October 2019, 04:00 PM – 05:30 PM ET

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Hear from world-renowned Dialectical Behavior Therapy expert Dr. Kathryn Korslund as she describes what a person can expect from the DBT experience and the many ways in which DBT can be delivered. Before becoming the Clinical Director of THIRA Health in Washington, Dr. Korslund trained under Dr. Marsha Linehan and served as the Associate Director of Dr. Linehan’s Behavioral Research and Therapy Clinics.

Our expert will present the philosophy, principles and treatment components that define Dialectical Behavior Therapy. The webinar will be presented with an emphasis on the person-experience and the many ways in which DBT can be delivered.

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