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In case you missed our Education Meeting on June 2

Tips from our June 2, 2020 Education Meeting speaker Tommie Thompson

  • Teach loved ones to not resist arrest. Call 911 and ask for CIT officers if possible.
  • Teach loved ones to require an attorney to be present to talk.
  • Know your family medical and mental health history. Be persistent to get facts.
  • Reduce the Duration of Untreated Psychosis (DUP) as much as possible.
  • Get an attorney if at all possible and try to get into mental health court.
    • Be aware of timelines for Habeas Corpus and Motions to Modify Sentences.
  • Have loved one sign release of information / HIPAA forms in every facility.
  • Enlist every resource ASAP. Don’t waste time!
  • Stay connected with loved one, administration, Wardens, Counselors, “Family Days”
  • Provide support – visitations, mail, phone & commissary accounts, food / property
  • Network and obtain outside resources like Southern Center for Human Rights (SCHR).
  • Advocate – NAMI Smarts – Mental Health Day and Justice Days
  • Never give up HOPE.

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